Professional Biography - Claudje Lecompte

Claudje Lecompte

Art Psychotherapist

B.Fine Art, Grad.Dip. Teach., Masters Ed - Guidance & Counselling, Masters Mental Health - Art Therapy

Claudje has trained as an artist, art teacher, Special Needs Teacher, Guidance Counsellor and most recently as an Art Psychotherapist. She has been a Secondary School Art and English Teacher, Special Needs Teacher/ Group Coordinator, District Advisory Visiting Teacher for students with disability, Regional Educational Advisor in Social Justice and Guidance Counsellor. She has worked in Queensland State Primary and Secondary schools from the Torres Strait to the Moreton Bay Islands, and currently works in the Sunshine Coast South District.

As a way to integrate her art and counselling interest, experience and skills, Claudje completed a Masters in Mental Health – Art Therapy at University of Queensland in 2008. She also completed Foundation and Advanced training programs, as well as Child and Adolescent and Group Work units in the use of Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) in 2008 and 2009. Claudje integrates IDT and Art Therapy processes in her counselling and therapeutic work.  

Claudje opened her private practice, The Open Studio in New Farm in 2008. She wanted to share the newly created art studio space with others. Her hope was to provide a welcoming space for people to come and work either independently or in groups on their own artmaking, as members of facilitated art or art therapy groups or peer support groups. Since opening The Open Studio, Claudje has been thrilled at the number of people who have accessed and benefitted from the space and the service. There have been individual therapy clients, small groups exploring the joys of creating sand mandalas and Tibetan Thangka paintings, and others as part of therapeutic or professional development and peer support groups. 

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