Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ms Claudje Lecompte
Phone Contacts: (M) 0417798227



  • ANZATA - Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association.
  • AABCAP - Austalian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists.



Training in Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) at Advanced Level as well as Child & Adolescent and Group work Units

IDT Inc.– New Zealand

Master of Mental Health – Art Therapy

University of Queensland (UQ)

Training in Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) at Foundation Level

IDT Inc.– New Zealand


Master of Education – Guidance & Counselling

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Graduate Diploma in Education (Resource Teaching)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


Bachelor Fine Art (Advanced Standing)

Queensland College Art (QCA)


Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Art & English)

Kelvin Grove CAE

Diploma Fine Art

Queensland College Art (QCA)



Art Psychotherapist: HEAL (Home of Expressive Arts & Learning) program at Milpera SHS, Chelmer, Brisbane.

Art Psychotherapist: The Open Studio – New Farm, Qld.

Guidance Officer: Primary Schools in Sunshine Coast South District


Art Psychotherapist: HEAL (Home of Expressive Arts & Learning) program at Milpera SHS, Chelmer, Brisbane.

Art Psychotherapist: The Open Studio – New Farm, Qld.

Guidance Officer: Primary Schools in Sunshine Coast South District


Art Psychotherapist: HEAL (Home of Expressive Arts & Learning) program at Milpera SHS, Chelmer, Brisbane.

The role includes the following:

  • Work with individual and small groups of students who have arrived in Australia as refugees, usually from situations of conflict and extreme hardship;
  • Collaborate with other Art Psychotherapists and Music Therapist

Art Psychotherapist: The Open Studio – New Farm, Qld.

The role includes the following:

  • Principal therapist and manager of The Open Studio;
  • Individual therapy using Art Therapy and Interactive Drawing Therap;
  • Small group workshops;
  • Facilitate/ host peer supervision groups for practitioners using Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) and Art Therapy (MATES – Master Art Therapists Experiential Supervision)

Guidance Officer: Primary School in Sunshine Coast South District

2008 (term 2)

Seconded as A/SGO (Sunshine Coast Region) to:

  • Develop a Guide to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy SMS-PR-035;
  • Research and collaboratively develop a Counselling Manual for use by GOs with initial emphasis in the areas of mental health and disabilities.
1997 - 2010

Guidance Officer: Primary and Secondary State Schools and Special Education Developmental Units in Torres Strait-NPA (including Bamaga, TI and Outer Islands)/ Greater Brisbane/ Murrumba and Sunshine Coast regions. The role includes the following:

  • Negotiate, develop and implement Guidance and Counselling programs;
  • Provide direct personal, educational and/ or career counselling;
  • Provide evaluations and psychometric assessment;
  • Facilitate small group interventions;
  • Provide indirect support to students and their families;
  • Collaborate with key school staff;
  • Provide resources and strategies to help staff and parents;
  • Provide information regarding outside agencies;
  • Attend and support students, school staff and parents at critical incidents
  • Conduct parent training workshops;
  • Conduct teacher-aide training workshops;
  • Conduct teacher training workshops;
  • Conduct GO workshops;
  • Co-ordinate whole school programs;
  • Complete administrative requirements;
  • Complete student reports;
  • Collaborate with community support networks and professional colleagues

Education Advisor – Social Justice: Sunshine Coast Region

  • Provided consultation to schools in the Sunshine Coast Region;
  • Contributed to Social Justice Manual;
  • Collaborated with other Ed. Advisors
1994 – 1995

Support Teacher – Individual Education Program (ST-IEP/ AVT-II):Redcliffe Education Centre/ Pine Rivers and Redcliffe Area SSC

  • Provided collaborative support and advice;
  • Developed processes and resources;
  • Participated in the implementation of the Ascertainment process;
  • Co-ordinated Pine Rivers, Redcliffe & Area Support Teacher Network
  • Organised various workshops;
Developed and Project Manager for SPACES, acluster-based program to support students with behaviour difficulties (YACCA funded)

In-Service Training: Graduate Diploma in Education (Resource Teaching):QUT – Kelvin Grove

Selected on merit.
1991 – 1992

Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) Co-ordinator: Redcliffe SHS

  • Designated Advanced Skills Teacher (AST- 1)
  • Co-ordinated Learning, social skills and G&T programs
  • Staff training
1989 - 1990

Special Needs Support Group (SNSG): Redcliffe SHS

  • Developed programs and supported students with Learning Disabilities, Special Needs, ESL and behaviour and emotional disturbances
  • Co-ordinated lifeskills, study skills, gifted and talented, drug and alcohol ed., LAP and District Enrichment Days of Excellence in Art programs
  • Conducted staff training (CoRT – de Bono; Drug & Alcohol; Glasser)
1982 - 1989

Secondary Art & English Teacher: Redcliffe State High School

Taught Yrs 8 – 12 Art; Senior English; Yr 8 History; Yr 8 PE