The facilities at The Open Studio-New Farm are modest but well-appointed. There is a kitchenette, a bathroom and a space for meeting, art making and group work.  The dynamic inner-city location makes it ideal for groups travelling from all over Brisbane and surrounding areas. The dining and coffee shop culture in New Farm is legendary! There is ample (and as yet un-metered) street parking as well as easy access by bus, city-cat or ferry, all within walking distance.

Services and programs available at The Open Studio - New Farm include:

Some ideas for future services/ activities include:

Claudje is available to design and conduct specific workshops on topics of your choice using Art Therapy and IDT processes at your agency. She is especially interested in exploring our intra and interpersonal relationships: our inner-nature, strengths and creativity as well as our relationships with others and the environments in which we live. Workshops are predominantly experiential and can include didactic elements as required. Guided Art Therapy groups are developed to suit the needs of group participants with each participant’s personal and creative needs considered and supported.