Hi Claudje
Thanks again for the mandala workshop.  It was so inspiring and just what I needed.  Congratulations!
I would love to receive information on the day workshop and will be forwarding the flyer to a number of friends.
Once again, THANK YOU

Child & Family Therapist

Hi Claudje

I really enjoyed the workshop and am still contemplating the mandala for hidden
meanings, I have found some more positive things about the image. Your space is
very beautifully arranged and it was a pleasure to participate. I felt I would
personally have liked to spend more time collecting interpretive feedback on the
work we did there, more objective commentary perhaps.

It was a very good workshop and I hope your practice continues to flourish.

All the best,
C K,

Art Teacher, 2009

Dear Claudje,

Thank you for an unexpectedly thought-provoking morning on Saturday. I expected interesting, but making the mandalas under your guidance was a deeply reflective activity - like analytical meditation, but easier to sustain and with a material outcome. It is like you guided a meditation, and it continues every time I catch a glimpse of my drawing, unlike the more ephemeral ideas I usually develop in a meditation session.

I am going to keep mine in my classroom and develop some ideas for using it with the children. I have already ordered black squares of paper for them to draw on with their oil pastels. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again.

With love from R. P., Teacher, 2009

Hello, Claudje.

This afternoon I guided the children in making simple mandalas. We used black paper squares, oil pastels and gel pens. We did the outer circle in red and orange, and smudged the colours out with our fingers to make it look like flames - the fire of wisdom. I told them that it was their own wisdom that protects them and talked about the Dr Seuss story with "You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes/ You can steer yourself any direction you choose/You're on your own, and you know what you know/ And you are the guy who'll decide where to go", and about cleaning their teeth and being kind, not eating too much sugar and so on. How they already know what is right. Then we did a bright blue circle and I talked about their courage, being brave enough to try things that are hard and to keep going. How their courage and their wisdom keep them safe. Then we did five colours for the skandas. I told them to choose a colour to reprsent the parts that make up who they are: their body, ideas and thoughts, feelings and emotions, the things they see and feel and touch and taste, and their wakefulness. Not sure whether these are right, but the kids talked about these things, and seemed to have some understanding. Then we did the white aspirations - the things that they wanted to achieve. We did the palace with the monsters of anger, jealousy, pride and stupidity at the gates - they loved stupidity and seemed delighted that I had all those 'monsters' too. We had drawn emotions on faces with simple shapes and colours last week.. And then it was really interesting to see what they did in the middle.

Two girls represented themselves as the sun, because they said they were so happy. One boy drew a monkey, because he said he ran around like a monkey. Another boy drew himself surrounded by butterflies. T drew what looked liked silver scribble. He said it was the crazy track that he ran around on. An aboriginal girl drew herself as the planet Earth. She said her mother and father called her Earth Daughter because when she was a baby crying, her father took her outside and showed her the branch of a tree, and she stopped crying.

It took less than an hour. It was interesting working in a circle - even kids who usually find it hard to follow instructions kept up and persisted with the task. The 'mandalas' are hanging up and look nice. And I think the children learnt some language and some interesting ideas. And I learnt some interesting things about the children. I had no idea they would be capable of such symbolic representations.

Thanks again for your generosity, gentleness and kindness.

R.P., Teacher, 2009

Hi Claudje,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. I've been reflecting on many aspects. Both the "comfortable feel" of the Group as well as continuing to explore my own journey through the Gates.
Looking forward to attending further workshops,
P. M., 2009

Hi Claudje,

B and I had a wonderful time and are both very interested in attending the next workshop. Please keep us on your books as we would be pleased to attend more workshops.

Enjoy the unfolding day.

Kind regards

P. D., Art Psychotherapist, 2009

Thank you Claudje,  it was a wonderful morning. No doubt our paths will cross again.

M. S., 2009

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